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Favorite songs from the 50s through the 70s

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This show will bring back memories of days gone by and is sure to uplift your spirit.
This one hour show starts off with music from the early sixties, with artists like Elvis, Gary U S Bonds, the Stones, the Animals, and many more...
The second segment is late fifties, when the music was changing from popular standards to Rock and Roll. So you'll hear everything from Little Richard to "the Singing Rage - Patti Page"
The third segment plays music from the early seventies, K.C. and the Sunshine Band, Joni Mitchell, Steve Miller, Eric Clapton, Yes, Steely Dan, and many more artists from that period.
The fourth segment may be a "Double Tap" which is one song performed by two artists, or one artist performing two songs. This segment is also used for longer songs, and a commercial for Bob's Picks, which are great website deals for you.
The fifth and final segment features great music from the late sixities, arguably the most tumultuous time in the music industry, with groups like the Beatles, The Four Seasons, and lost of Motown music.
Vintage Gold Classics is heard around the world, over 100 hrs per week.

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